Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Hard Day of Work Ends In Happiness

This morning started at a leisurely pace around 10:00 a.m. I was excited about what the day held. I headed out to the backyard and began to get ready for the delivery of my NEW RAISED GARDEN BEDS (yay me)! I still needed to clean out and move the Rubbermaid shed...the last piece of the corner "stuff" that needed to be cleaned up. I haven't been through the stuff we've been storing in there for a few years. Okay...maybe several years...and I knew there was probably going to be a couple of crawly I moved very carefully and gingerly. And boy I wasn't disappointed!

I found her...all 3" of her.
I found quite a large hobo spider under and around some of the things we had stored inside. I say under and around, because she moved pretty quickly once she was exposed doing this start-n-stop-crawl-over-everything-creepy-move thing. I say she because I assume that the larger ones are the females...just makes sense to me somehow. 

So what did I do? I, of course, ran and grabbed a canning jar and captured her. I thought it would be a great chance to share this amazing creepy crawly with the kids. I was doing great until I came across four additional specimens. These spiders, I will admit, died a very quick death. It was pure primal reaction on my part--it's amazing how quickly you can stomp your foot when you're startled! There really is no explaining or controlling your reaction to something at that level of "gut reaction!"

You can see the Hobo Hotel in
the picture on the left.
So the beds arrived - thank you Ben from the Chicken Gardner - and went up under an hour. And wow did they smell awesome! Each board is at least 2" thick of beautiful cedar. 

After Ben finished, I leveled out the ground a bit more and began filling the beds with dirt from my other raised beds. Lots of shoveling and hauling, and I filled ONE..even though it was the smallest of the five beds. Oh well...

My beautiful beds!
There's always tomorrow! Not to mention extra Ibuprofen. But now I'm that much closer to having my garden!
I'm a happy mom. =0) 


  1. Hobo Hotel...hahaha! Yikes!

    Your beds are beautiful! I'm so excited for you!

    Our new slogan...."Got dirt?"

    I'm hoping to make a run for another yard of garden mix and a couple yards of beauty bark to finish off the pond area.

    Happy growing!

  2. Ewewwwwww! I really am not fond of spiders and she was a HUGE one. LOVE your raised beds and can't wait to see what they produce for you. <3