Saturday, June 25, 2011

"I'm not sleeping...I'm just taking a little break."

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Oregon. The kind that make people from all over the world fall in love with our beautiful state. I spent the day nesting around the house...airing out bedrooms, striping beds, doing laundry, running errands. All very relaxed and randomly while enjoying the summer breeze gently move through our home...listening to the birds sings and call back-n-forth...our children play and laugh.

On one of my many trips outside to the garbage can and our outside recycling center, I stopped and pulled a few weeds, filled bird feeders and basically milled through my gardens. As I was walking past some volunteer foxgloves, I noticed there was a little someone in one of the flowers.

My winged little Rip Van Winkle
Now these volunteer foxgloves stand over six feet tall (YES, seriously, they're over 6 FEET tall), so I didn't have any trouble finding this little pint-sized Rip Van Winkle. I thought it was quite a good spot he selected...if fact if I was tiny like he, I would probably hide away myself of sunny lazy afternoons and catch a few winks too! I don't blame him (her?) wanting to take a siesta...I have a lot of flowers in my yard and there's a lot of nectar and pollen to be gathered, carried and dusted along the way.

All 3 different kinds each have a wonderful fragrance!
Another fabulous reason I love my gardens are the different rose bushes I've added over the years. These are various rose bushes that I've purchased, not because I was looking for any particular type, but just because they spoke to me. I am thoroughly enjoying the heady sent of these beauties!

I have a lovely bouquet sitting on our dinner table, and have taken a couple into work for my desk. While I love their fragrance, for tonight's dinner, I will move them from the table as I suspect their perfume won't go well with pasta a fagioli!

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  1. Busy as a ....bee? Are you sure he just reading the insides of his eyelids (so to speak)?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday! Wait till you see what happened around our place today! Post to go up soon!