Monday, October 18, 2010

November 2nd - Recognizing Women Who Came Before Us

It was brought to my attention (actually slapped home would be a more accurate description) just how often I take for granted the little things I enjoy each day. Running water...refrigeration...bathroom tissue!

But most importantly as a woman, my right to vote.

As women, we are stretched so thin...multitask so many things throughout our day...take care of so many others...and basically fuel the lives of all within our families that we forget that our voice matters. This November 2nd is an important day. An important day not just for the town I call home, but for my state and my country. This November 2nd is voting day. The day when we get to exercise our right to vote our mind or our passion. The day when this year, I promise not to just cast my vote with a sigh of irritated resignation as I drive across my small town to deposit my ballot, but with the spirit of all the Suffragettes who, about 90 years ago, fought for MY right to vote.

I am embarrassed to admit this (but do so in an effort to set a good example for my children) that I'm a whiner. Yep, you heard me...I caught myself whining to my wonderful husband just yesterday as we drove to our local organic/all natural grocery store (I can hear your snickers and the rolling of your eyes...I know, I know). But I was whining about how sometimes "I wonder what's the point? Why do I bother when everything feels so overwhelming at times?" And I will admit, he gave me a sideways look that spoke volumes to me. I could see his shock at my statement (from me of all people! The one who is his perpetual "Pollyanna" and cheerleader...the one who regularly tells him that God provides us challenges in our life in order for us to learn and teach...the one who at times steps up on her portable soap box--you can get these at the container store--and preaches to him about how fortunate and blessed we are least he ever forget it!).

So I'll admit (with a sheepish look on my face and a slight blush across my aging cheeks), that I need to quit complaining and do something. Be a little more Ghandi in my corner of the world--be the change I want to see. So in this spirit, I want to share a little insight from some others who bless the circle of women in my life.

From Kookoolan Farms, Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor, who in her quiet yet passionate way helps educate and feed people in and around her community. Visit her site and especially her blog at Kookoolan Farms.

To Maria Rodale's blog Maria's Farm Country Kitchen has provided me with knowledge, chuckles and a few "ah ha" moments.

To my sister and friend Karen who in her quiet strength and wisdom adds laughter, love and friendship to my life.

To all my sisters--near and far.
To my aunt who is less "aunt" and more "sister."
To my nieces who I've watched grow into amazing women of their own.
To my daughters who are successfully navigating the journey from girl into womanhood and take my breath away in wonder and amazement each day.
To all my girlfriends--you know who you are--who keep my silly secrets and love me despite the comments that flow a little too freely from my lips once I've enjoyed a glass of wine.

This November 2nd, I will vote with a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment. I will try and remember to be the change I want to see. And I urge you all, whether we agree or not, vote your passion. Speak up and let our leaders hear what is important to you. Set the example for your children or your friends' children. Remember, you have the choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution.