Sunday, October 6, 2013

Buying in Bulk

Having a family with three children (two of them teenagers) means we go through a lot of food between their hungry mouths and friends. I'm always looking for ways to buy at a savings AND try and buy non-GMO certified or organic. This can be a tough combination. But, it is becoming easier...just not fast enough. =0/

I'm trying a new food service: Zaycon Foods
I'm excited about it because of the money you can save by planning ahead and investing a little work. The philosophy is that by buying direct, cutting out the middleman, you save significant money per pound. I'm all for investing some time and saving money...who isn't? So I went big - I bought 3 units of chicken breast (40 pounds per unit) which works out to $1.84/pound. Granted it's not organic (which is my first preference) but it is boneless, skinless chicken breast, that is direct from the processor with no additives or artificial ingredients and no hormones. This will provide me with chicken for my long-term meal planning, and I can extend how far out I can plan meals by supplementing with organic meats as my budget allows.

I'll meet at the pick-up spot and take my 3 units; they'll be in a bag-lined cardboard box.

I'm eager to see if my chicken is as clean and lean as what is pictured on their website.     
I'm planning on breaking it into thirds so I can freeze 1/3; cut 1/3 into strips, marinate and freeze; and can the remaining third. I'm actually really excited about trying out this food service (you know how I get the time of year, and 'Squirrel Girl' is ready to put food up for the winter!) ;0)

This weekend I did a small test run of canning chicken, just to see how difficult it was. Since I have never canned meat before, I thought it would be prudent to do a small test batch before having 120 pounds of chicken in my kitchen. It was so easy! It took me about 15-20 minutes to prep the jars, cut up the fresh chicken, and put everything together. And 75 minutes later I had my three test jars done.

October 12th is the day I pick up, so I'll post the results when I've gone through all my prepping. 

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