Monday, September 9, 2013

Round Two: Me vs. Soap Scum

As promised, I'm posting the results of my experiment with oven spray to remove tough soap scum (read: black, nasty build-up). Husband took an interest, because like I said in my earlier post, he's a guy and lots of guys are interested in chemistry....but nothing exploded. =0)

So here is the shot of my shower floor. I really cannot believe I'm posting this out to the Internet and exposing my domestic soul...but I figure its good therapy (right? Right?!). In my slight defense, the lighting (you can see my shadow darkening the left side of the picture) makes it look slightly scarier in the picture than it does in person...

Yeah, pretty discussing...I know and am appropriately ashamed.
So here is the brand and type I bought. Starting at the bottom of the shower and the floor, I worked my way up the walls and used the entire can. Even though it states "frame free" on the bottle, it still does have a smell, so I turned on the fan and tried not to breathe a lot while spraying. 

I let it sit for one hour (yes, Husband checked on it several times to see how it was going), then used a stiff scrubbing brush to scrub and remove the junk. And here is the result:

I was SO hoping that it would be a miracle solution like the rubbing alcohol on the soap scum build up, but not quite. I DO have to admit, it really DID breakdown the soap scrub, but I did use my scrub brush some to get it clean. This of course wasn't good enough. So back to the store for another bottle - this time I bought the spray bottle not the aerosol can (appealed to the recycler in me).
Here is the second result:
SOOOOO much better!
WHOO HOO! Pretty impressive huh? I now know that my showers and tubs will never look anything but exceptional from now on! I've bared my domestic soul and I feel really clean now. ;0)


  1. I'm impressed. Both by your braveness at baring your soul and that of your shower--hahaha and at the cleaning power. Bet it would work in my oven, too, huh? Hahahaha

  2. Yeah, I hemmed-n-hawed about posting but then decided "do it! Someone else could learn from your experience." It's also a step in my commitment to myself to lead a more authentic life - worts and all. I don't want to perpetuate "effortless perfection" as I've had several conversations with young moms who were intimidated by me. And that is NOT something I want.