Monday, May 16, 2011

The Passing of an Era

Ahhh...t'was not too long ago when our little bambinos ran around the yard, climbing on the play structure...swinging...sliding...climbing some more. We have officially closed a chapter in our family's history book...and started a new one.

The Play Structure & were it has sat for almost 10 years!
The play structure was sold, broken down (with some help from the ever-patient husband and the two youngest) and toted away today. A wonderful young family with a little almost-2-year-old little cutie pie is now the proud new owner of the former Roe Clan Play Structure.

The GOOD thing is now Momma has the start of her new garden area. Ahhhh...what to do...and how to do it... I think with a sigh. I'm giddy with anticipation of what I can do and how I'm going to set everything up! (Yeah me!)
All broken down and partially loaded into the truck.

First, I want to figure out how to incorporate a little greenhouse. Not a big one, but one large enough to start my seeds in and grow some veggies into the fall and maybe even into winter. I could do a few shelves...have a grow light or two...out will goes the "heavenly" bamboo...we'll reorganize the plastic, corner shed and figure out just how to set up the raised beds and where to put a little greenhouse. And of course, I'll be incorporating a rain barrel...along with my little compost bin...or maybe I'll just get a little worm compost bin and let the worms do all the work. This will help in my overall organic approach to gardening, PLUS reduce the amount of water I'll need.

Sigh...I'm one step closer to my farm life...even if it is in the 'burbs. =0)


  1. I am so excited for you and enjoying your anticipation--planning it all out is half the fun! A little greenhouse-with electricity and piped-in water? Oooh I am envious!
    I am glad that you are seeing this change with a happy heart. I mourned the loss of my playhouse with copious tears. But now, I look forward to the day when another will be built for the future generation of little visitors! I the meantime, we'll just keep building more raised beds!
    Happy Gardening!

  2. Michael kept watching me to make sure I was "okay" with the structure coming down. It felt right that it was going to such a sweet young family, and that our not-so-little ones were helping take it apart. It felt like the appropriate closure.
    Now...on to the fun part! ;0)