Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Season of Giving Thanks Has Arrived!

Oh the we roll through the after-glow of Halloween...bellies (and thighs) sporting a little new found pudge from the overindulgence of our savory treats...costumes draped over chairs or rolled into balls on bedroom floors. Gone is the angel with the faux-fur wings...cast aside is the hotdog...and the stylist Eskimo girl has moved on. Now into my personal favorite season of the year -- Thanksgiving!

In our home, Thanksgiving is "officially" on it's way when Momma puts up the Harvest Tree. And nothing says beautiful and decorated unless it's been blessed by our feline diva *Snowflake* (aka "Sassy Pants"..."Fuzzy Merow Merow").

Harvest Tree is up!
"How do I look?"
But how can you blame her...everything around her seems be to perfectly accented to her color palette!

I love this picture because, thanks to the inherent nature of wood floors, you can't see the dust bunnies (or they're shunning the light till they get larger).

The days are getting shorter and colder. I've picked my remaining green tomatoes and they're ripening on the windowsill. All my green beans have gone to seed (at least I'm set for next season). I'm looking forward to sweater weather and the coming gives us the justification we need to hunker down and play board games or while away the afternoon reading books or watching old movies. As we move into the next season, I am once again reminded how blessed we are. We give thanks for everything we have. And yes, running water and bathroom tissue always make my short list (maybe I'm watching too many survival shows).

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  1. I have always loved your Harvest tree! It makes the foyer so homey and welcoming!

    Your comment about the dust bunnies shunning the light until they are bigger made me laugh out loud! But I'm guessing if mine are bold enough to be seen, I'd better take them out soon, before they get me first! hahaha