Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living the Dream Everyday

Good Morning and a WONDERFUL Tuesday to the world!
I woke up this morning (HOW can it already be Tuesday?!), and after the rush of getting young ones dressed, feed, lunched and all of us out the door, it wasn't until I took a deep breath while driving down our street that I realized what a beautiful day it was. All too soon the leaves will put on their fall colors and soccer practice will be viewed by parents wearing coats with their flip-flops! =0)

Our family spent a busy weekend running around (isn't that a prerequisite for all families?) before we hosted loved ones at our home for dinner. It was a warm and scrumptious meal (if I do say so myself), and was pulled together with the help of our wonderful teenage daughter. (Yes, you heard it...a teenager that was willing to help with a smile--our blessings know no bounds!)

On my shopping list this week:
  • Organic milk--to keep us until I can get out to Kookoolan Farms in beautiful Yamhill for more raw, organic milk.
  • Organic creamer--wish I could find it flavored
On my to do list this week:
  • Library--pay our usual city "contribution" for borrowing books (aka late fees)
  • Library--check out Maria Rodale's book Organic Manifesto (although I'll end up buying it). Click on the link to learn about what her book's about.
  • Triple-check "Back-to-School" lists to make sure Mom hasn't forgotten anything which will bring undue-social-backlash-and-shame-onto-offspring.
Here's to another day--health, happiness and energy to all who read my posts!
And don't forget to take a deep breath and look around once in a while.

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